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Winners - Bi-Monthly Competition - November 2018

Best Feature Film:
Diamond Awards:
The Forest (Viktor Gasic)
Il Dominio della Lacrima - Lacrymosa (Manuel Koch)

Platinum Awards:
UNMASKED (Mostafa Keshvari)
There's Always One (George Massimillo)

Gold Awards:
Devil (Maupassant's Le Diable) (Kshitij Sharma)
Silent Love Stories - Heart Beat (Amr Al-Hariri)

Silver Award: Unexpected Confrontation (Luis Lobato Macedo)
Bronze Award: Call for Fire (Sean Kinney)

Best Short Film:
Diamond Awards:
All These Little Things (Josh Kasselman)
Rachel's Pitch (Julia Fulmer)
Goodbye my son (Yuichiro Nakada)
Animal (Henry Young)
Polisi Maling (Randolph Zaini)

Platinum Awards:
The Red Lotus (Jessica Alexandra Green)
Terrordactyl (E.K. Scarfone)
Brink (Jonathan Blagrove)
For Want of a Nail (Lucy Joan Barnes)
The Blank Page (Natalia Miranda Lastra)

Gold Awards:
Sub Rosa (James McFerron)
Pittsburgh Synagogue attack according to Nostradamus (Shihyun Wang)
The Delta 1-9 (Bryan Kimmey)
Final Proof - Is Paul McCartney dead? (Shihyun Wang)
Mr. Kiss (Afonso Henrique)

Silver Awards:
Bummer (Barry Worthington)
Chase That Red Hoodie! (Yuichi Tazawa)
The cost of weed (Shihyun Wang)
Recluse (Michael Davis)
Easy Prey (Teresa Garza)

Bronze Award:
Mother's tear (Shihyun Wang)
Jack (Daniele Nicolosi)
Mail Bomber revealed by Nostradamus (Shihyun Wang)
The Head or The Heart (Eric Willis)
Spy on spies (Shihyun Wang)

Best Documentary Feature:
Diamond Awards:
The Guardians (Billie Mintz)
Forget Us Not (Heather E. Connell)

Platinum Award: Curing the Incurable?
Gold Award: Sailor, Sufi, Spy (Raeshma Razvi)
Silver Award: Red Light Solo (Ryan J. Smith)
Bronze Award: Decoding 2018's 49 crop circles (Shihyun Wang)

Best Documentary Short:
Diamond Awards:
We, The Bereaved (Ryan Bouman)
What did I get? LYME or lies? (Shihyun Wang)
Let's find out the truth behind the Moon (Shihyun Wang)

Platinum Awards:
Can we change a changed world? (Shihyun Wang)
You can beat me up but you can't beat me down! (Shihyun Wang)
Doomsday Yesterday (Shihyun Wang)

Gold Awards:
Paul McCartney Wanted - Dead or Alive (Shihyun Wang)
I got hit for having a hit (Shihyun Wang)
The Born Free Generation, Phendulani’s Story and Me (Paul Cooke)

Silver Awards:
Be quiet! Just Observe! (Shihyun Wang)
The last crop circle message of 2018 (Shihyun Wang)
Pittsburgh Synagogue attack revealed in crop circles (Shihyun Wang)

Bronze Awards:
Messages from Beyond (Shihyun Wang)
Ashes Two Dust (Maura Freeman)

Best Animation Short:
Diamond Award: SuperHillCool (Sergio Barbasso)
Platinum Award: Memento Mori: Remember That You Have To Die (Alan Perrow)
Gold Award: another day in paradise (bellopropello)

Best New Mexico Short:
Diamond Award: The Weeds in Our Own Backyards (Paul Ingles)
Platinum Award: Bad Situation (Martin G Castaneda)
Gold Award: From Rooftop to Enchanted Land (Shihyun Wang)

Best Pilot / Web Series:
Diamond Awards:
Battledream Chronicles: A new beginning (Alain Bidard)
The Cottages (John Darbonne)

Platinum Award: N3RD PLACE - 1x01 "New Game" (Francesco Fiero & Nikita Mucilli)
Gold Award: GANGSTERS (Freddie Basnight)
Silver Award: A Soldier's Passage (Chapter Three) (Paul Ingles)
Bronze Award: Equal Rights (Peter Janov)

Best Feature Script:
Diamond Award: LEVEL 5 (Jamon Holmes, Daniel Furuya, & Daniel Louis)

Best Short Film Script:
Diamond Award: The Life Gamble 2 (Peter Janov)
Platinum Award: A Mother's Love (Allan B. Hill)

Best Music Video:
Diamond Award: If I Knew (Tyler Casper)
Platinum Award: Be What You Are (Jonathan Levit)

Best Trailer:
Diamond Award: MMA - Never Surrender (Gerald J. Godbout III)
Platinum Award: A Soldier's Passage (Paul Ingles)
Gold Award: SCALES (Shirley Norman)

Best Director:
Diamond Awards:
Heather E. Connell (Forget Us Not)
Ryan Bouman (We, The Bereaved)
Manuel Koch (Il Dominio della Lacrima - Lacrymosa)

Platinum Awards:
Mosatfa Keshvari (UNMASKED)
Henry Young (Animal)
Randolph Zaini (Polisi Maling)

Gold Awards:
Paul Ingles (A Soldier's Passage (Chapter Three))
Sergio Barbasso (SuperHillCool)
Bryan Kimmey (The Delta 1-9)

Silver Awards:
Amr Al-Hariri (Silent Love Stories - Heart Beat)
Barry Worthington (Bummer)
Spy on spies (Shihyun Wang)

Bronze Awards:
Shihyun Wang (From Rooftop to Enchanted Land)
Teresa Garza (Easy Prey)

Best Screenplay:
Diamond Award: Manuel Koch (Il Dominio della Lacrima - Lacrymosa)
Platinum Award: Bryan Kimmey (The Delta 1-9)
Gold Award: Maura Freeman (Ashes Two Dust)

Best Actor:
Diamond Awards:
Hani Mefti (UNMASKED)
Alastair Osment (Animal)

Platinum Award: Paul Ingles (A Soldier's Passage (Chapter Three))
Gold Award: Antonio Lujak (Silent Love Stories - Heart Beat)
Silver Award: Michael Davis (Recluse)
Bronze Award: Ric Steel (Spy on spies)

Best Actress:
Diamond Awards:
Sara Omran (UNMASKED)
Shara Ashley Zeiger (The Red Lotus)

Platinum Awards:
Julie Slack (Tree Game)
Gordana Simunovic (Silent Love Stories - Heart Beat)

Gold Award: Marili Mejias (Bummer)
Silver Award: Wen-Shou Lin (Mother's tear)
Bronze Award: Virda Anggraini (Spy on spies)

Best Supporting Actor:
Diamond Award: Andy Odierno (Il Dominio della Lacrima - Lacrymosa)
Platinum Award: Dylan Hall (The Delta 1-9)

Best Editing:
Diamond Award: Tim Nenninger & Paul Ingles (A Soldier's Passage (Chapter Three))
Platinum Award: Amr Al-Hariri (Silent Love Stories - Heart Beat)
Gold Award: Sean Kinney (Call for Fire)

Best Cinematography:
Diamond Awards:
Michael Janke (We, The Bereaved)
Dean Meacham (Animal)

Platinum Award: Tim Nenninger (A Soldier's Passage (Chapter Three))
Gold Award: Ryan Green (The Delta 1-9)
Silver Award: Amr Al-Hariri (Silent Love Stories - Heart Beat)
Bronze Award: Michelle Hernandez (Bummer)

Best Original Score:
Diamond Award: Eric Pauls & Sarah Houston (We, The Bereaved)
Platinum Award: Mattia Merlini (Il Dominio della Lacrima - Lacrymosa)
Gold Award: Samuel Regan, Bryan Kimmey, & Jack Erickson (The Delta 1-9)
Silver Award: Deanna Delore & Kaden Hariri (Silent Love Stories - Heart Beat)
Bronze Award: Ric Steel (Spy on spies)

Best Visual FX:
Diamond Award: Ethan Minsker (Man In Camo)
Platinum Award: Sean Kinney and Patrick J. Rodriguez (Call for Fire)

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